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C C++
C C++
C & c++

          C is a programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie. Like most of the procedural language, C structured programming has the specialized feature, for allows variable scope and recursion. One good thing about C programming is, it enables mapping of constructs to machine instruction thereby requiring very minimal run-time support, and so it is widely used in application development. Learn C Training in Madurai at Agastyaa Group of Institutions.

          C is one of the main programming languages being used for more than 2 decades and C compilers are also available for most of the computer architecture and Operating Systems. Once you've learned one programming language, the next one will be easier. C programming is still popular for its simplicity of expression, compactness of the code, wide range of applicability and limitless flexibility it has to offers.

    C Syllabus:

  • Introduction to C Language
  • Data Type and variable
  • Input / Output Management
  • Control Statement
  • Function
  • Array & Pointer
  • Structure and Dynamic Allocation
  • File Compilation
  • String
  • Control Structure